As the infamous worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 continues to place thousands of companies and their employees at risk, businesses across the globe are being forced to modify their way of thinking in order to best suit their clients while striving to meet the everchanging needs of their respective industries. Each company is being challenged on both a macro and microscopic scale to figure out how best to stay relevant, how to successfully acclimate to what the world of business has become today, as well as what it might be once the pandemic has run its course. At Party Shack, we believe we have done just that. Being a portable product solutions company, Party Shack designs, structures and distributes portable solutions for companies in need within various industries including but not limited to hospitality, entertainment, and sports. As a result of our push to meet the evolving needs of businesses, we’ve taken our business model to the next level with the expansion of our product line into the medical field, the food and beverage industry, and home improvement. All of which has been done to make the most of such trying times and let our family of clients know not only that we care deeply, but that we are here to provide you with the safe, efficient, and consistently enjoyable experience that you both desire and deserve.

The Model

As much as we’d all love to believe that things will soon return to normal, the reality is that it will likely never return to the status quo that was 2019. For businesses, obeying CDC regulations, enforcing health policies, adapting business models and being in a constant state of flexibility will be key. Businesses will be in dire need of a user-friendly ways to give their clients exactly what they’re looking for from their brand in an innovative manner that strongly encourages safety rather than merely meeting the basic requirements.

Party Shack’s portable solutions are small in size, easy to clean and are simple to construct while possessing the sleek modern appeal that customers chase after, making us precisely what companies need to increase brand awareness and client engagement in the midst of COVID-19. We also have quickly adapted to ensure all units come equipped with purified air pumps that kill 99.9% of germs, sanitizing stations, utilization of CDC approved materials, and our filtered air systems. Between our 20’ by 20’ VIP suite, 30’ by 16’ spectator suite, 22’ by 16’ portable bar, and the 22’ by 16’ pop-up shop, each portable solution maintains our minimalistic yet high functioning design allowing for the easy highlighting of areas interacted with the most so that deep cleaning can be concentrated towards those areas along with the help of our new ultraviolet lamps. Additionally, our product line expansion includes backyard shacks that offer additional office space for families working from home, catering shacks for all your catering needs, and finally medical shacks—currently being used at COVID testing sites.

The Message

An underlying benefit to a business model like Party Shack’s in a society during and following the recovery of such a monumental phenomenon like coronavirus is the message that it helps your company promote. By utilizing a safety-first, innovative solutions, such as Party Shack’s portable solutions, you’re communicating that you stand up for your customer’s overall health and well-being. This benefit may reign true for any company that participates in the encouragement of protecting one’s health, however, Party Shack in particular has the ability to tie that message into their distinctive minimalist style, diversified across several different industries.

Many businesses will only follow the bare minimum of CDC regulations in addition to only being able to prevent a small amount of cases due to the size of facilities, number of people, and difficulty to clean with both consistency and efficiency. Why not have several smaller, portable, simple to construct and easy to clean locations spread out across cities, providing consumers with the same, if not an arguably more unique and safer experience?

The Experience

Any business desiring to succeed in the aftermath of COVID-19 must find a way to maintain their brand identity post pandemic. Party Shack’s portable solutions deliver on a genuine customer-centric experience that brings people together in a safe, small-scale environment and still hits all the same beats of a regular store, restaurant, or vender. Consumers will likely appreciate the unique Party Shack experience because once they make it inside, the space is restricted to a certain amount of people and they get to be a part of what feels like a more intimate and exclusive opportunity. This adds additional value to your overall corporate hospitality experience and encourages social distancing for the sake of personal space if not for virus protection.

As we look forward and hope for days when we can place this uncertainty behind us, use the present to think about business models, such as Party Shack’s, and what it could be like for your company to adapt, especially when it comes to hosting and staying connected to your most loyal clients. The world’s changing, and business must change with it!

If your business is looking for portable and customizable hospitality solutions we’d love to connect! Visit our website today to learn more.