Strategic Supplier

Party Shack is committed to providing quick, exceptional service to our clients. It is through our Strategic Supplier Program that we are able to affordably and quickly serve clients across the U.S.



All Strategic Suppliers must be a successful Business with the experience, resources, and systems in place to provide clients with the level of service Party Shack and their clients expect.

How It Works

Each Strategic Supplier adopts a Party Shack fleet that is used to serve events and client needs in their exclusive U.S. region quickly and efficiently. Our fleet should work naturally with your business model and pair perfectly as an additional service for you to provide your customers! Through partnering together, Party Shack is able to provide exceptional experiences at a quicker and more affordable rate to clients.

Interested in adding our enhanced solutions to your product offerings? We’d love to connect. Contact us today to learn more about our Strategic Supplier program!

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